Talking to your friend’s about your oc’s like

lillyvain: I want a Solangelo headcanon! 


Well I’ll give you five because Solangelo headcanons are never too much

  • Nico singing You Are My Sunshine to Will, who is surprised because he didn’t know the son of Hades had such beautiful voice
  • Nico talking about Bianca to Will and getting emotional when he realises that Will understands his pain like no one else does, because he also lost a sibling
  • Will is actually really shy when it comes to his sexuality and hasn’t tell anyone but Nico that he’s not straight, so Nico starts helping him to accept himself and encouraging him to come out (and when he does come out everyone starts shipping them real hard because they’re so cute together) 
  • Sometimes Nico wakes up in the middle of the night because he had a nightmare about Tartarus or his sister and he just can’t go back to sleep, but when Will finds out about this, he starts sleeping in the Hades Cabin so he can look after Nico and be there for him in case he has a nightmare, and afer sometime the nightmares stop because Nico knows that whatever happens, Will will be there for him
  • Will convincing Nico that he should learn how to surf, but Nico sucks at it, so after sometime he gives up on learning and just sits by the beach watching Will surfing because Nico thinks Will looks really hot surfing shirtless